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Call Us Today!
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Why Infared

The Infrared process is intended for surface repair of existing localized pavement distresses due to normal use.  If the pavement distress is caused by inadequate pavement thickness, weak sub-grade, poor quality of materials in adjacent areas and/or improper drainage of the pavement, the expected service life of the repair may be affected.

By heating and re-forming your existing asphalt, we can reduce or eliminate the need for additional materials to be used, saving you time and money!

Why waste perfectly good asphalt?

Permanent Repair
Seamless welded edges.  No saw cut joints to allow water seepage to deteriorate repair.

Cost Efficient
Little new asphalt required.  No unnecessary equipment, less manpower per repair.  The savings can be passed on to the customer.

Time Saving
Eliminate saw cutting, jack hammering, loading, trucking, and disposal.  Only one trip to the jobsite.  No holes left in the parking lot waiting for mishaps.

Typical Uses
Trip hazards, paving seams, isolated failures, catch basins, manhole repairs, bird baths, potholes, utility cuts, decorative imprints and thermoplastic markings.

… Think Green!
Environmentally Safe, No Hazardous Waste & Some Asphalt Driveways Can Be Recycled
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